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Closing Your Value Gap Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, 21 February 2023 at  9am (GMT) for this 60-minute Webinar, Closing Your Value Gap.

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The Ultimate Guide to Business Advisory

Deliver Business Advisory services to your clients with power. Most accountants talk about providing Business Advisory as a service; they state this loudly and proudly on their websites, but how many are actually doing it?

The Gap has created a resource to help start you on your Business Advisory Journey. 

Have you heard about our Value Gap Calculator?

The Value Gap Calculator is a sales tool used to show clients and prospective clients what’s possible. It may be used during any sales discussion, whether that’s during a Proactive Accounting Meeting (PAM), Annual Accounts Review Meeting (AAR), Complimentary Client Review (CCR), other client meeting, webinar, or seminar.

There are five sections within the calculator:

  1. Increase sales

  2. Improve gross margin %

  3. Increase profit by reducing overheads

  4. Increase cashflow

  5. Improve ROI

Test the Value Gap Calculator on one of your clients in your trial.

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