Business Development Trifecta Masterclass Series

We’ve tried every piece of technology known to man (well nearly), and we're ready to go. These Masterclass sessions are more than webinars - they’re interactive, and they’re free to all Gap Members. 

A 4-part series on the essential tools for business success (The Trifecta); the annual Business Plan, the annual forecast, and ongoing reporting with accountability. 

2 hours duration at 10 am (NZST) / 8am (AEST) or 8am (BST) weekly from Wednesday, 30 June.

Our Masterclass series qualifies for verifiable CPD hours!

The 4-part series breakdown:

Session One - Mindset, Marketing and Sales | 30 June 2021

Session Two - The Business Planning Session | 7 July 2021

Session Three - Annual Forecasting | 14 July 2021

Session Four - Regular Reporting with Accountability | 21 July 2021

Session One:

Mindset, Marketing and Sales | 30 June 2021

The required mindsets for you and your clients, your most effective marketing strategies, and how to sell value-added services without product pushing:
  • The roles you play as Advisor, Coach, Mentor and Consultant
  • Understanding the key advisory services your clients need
  • An intro to the three essential tools for business success (the ‘Trifecta’)
  • Your two most important marketing activities
  • How to sell without product pushing

Session Two:

The Business Planning Session | 7 July 2021

How to deliver a 4-hour planning session and make planning an annual process:
  • Your role as facilitator
  • How to manage client pre-work and why it’s essential
  • Facilitating the 4-hour planning session with your client
  • Building the one-page plan
  • Turning planning into a recurring revenue stream

Session Three:

Annual Forecasting | 14 July 2021)

Positioning the forecast as an essential first step in better cashflow management:
  • Repositioning forecasting from an ‘on-demand, by the bank’ service
  • Teaching clients their cash conversion cycle
  • Linking forecasting to regular reporting with accountability
  • Coaching clients, with a particular emphasis on cashflow improvement

Session Four:

Ongoing Reporting with Accountability | 21 July 2021

The role of the coach, essential coaching structures and resources, and building a recurring revenue stream from The Trifecta of Business Development services:

  • The role and dimensions of coaching
  • The structure behind coaching
  • Essential coaching resources to add to your skillsets
  • Managing client self-responsibility and implementation resistance
  • Your plan for building sustainable and recurring revenue from The Trifecta