Adding an email address to your client's profile

If you experience the error below when emailing from the portal, you either did not select a client for your document OR your selected client is missing their email address in their Xero Practice Manager (XPM or Workflow Max) profile.  To correct this issue, we strongly recommend following the steps in Option One.

Option One - Recommended & permanent

Update the client's profile in Xero Practice Manager (XPM or Workflow Max).

The only way a client can be added to The Gap Portal without an email address is via an XPM sync.  As your XPM database should be treated as your 'source of truth', we recommend updating the client's profile in the XPM database.

If you need the client's details in the portal as soon as possible, a Portal Administrator will need to run a manual XPM sync.  To do this, go to the Admin area (padlock icon) --> Manage Clients --> 'Xero Sync' button --> 'Sync Now' button, as shown in the screenshots below.

Otherwise, wait for the next automated Xero sync to run at 6am, 12pm or 6pm (NZT).

If you don't have access to your firm's XPM, or are not a Portal Administrator, and need the client's profile updated now, see 'Option Two' for a temporary workaround.

Option Two - Temporary workaround

Update the client's profile in The Gap Portal.

To do this, search for the client in the Clients area, select the Profile tab, then click Edit and enter the client's email address.  Don't forget to click Save.

Please note that this is a temporary workaround only.  If you don't update the client's email address in XPM, it will be removed from the client's profile in the portal after the next automated XPM sync.  The only exception is if your firm has disconnected XPM from the portal, which stops automated syncs.


Do not add the client as a new client to your portal instead of updating their details in XPM. 

If you do this, you will end up with duplicate client profiles in the portal after the next automated sync.