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BOMA takes the time, cost and complexity out of your digital marketing so you can focus on growing your advisory business. They provide Gap members with all the tools they need for email marketing, social posts, and so much more.

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Fathom combines beautiful reporting, fast cash flow forecasting and actionable financial insights into one powerfully simple business management solution. Fathom enables Gap members to access relevant insights at scale, and help their clients with management reporting, cash flow forecasting and to be an integral part of their business success.

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MyHR's value proposition is to empower confidence and clarity, and create space for what business owners do best, which aligns perfectly with our continuous improvement ethos and commitment to our memberships. They make HR easy for Gap members and provide support and content they can leverage to improve and retain their client base.

Gap Members get 30% off MyHR's Set Up Fee, 10% off their Seat Price and 10% off their Platinum Services