Haylee Wrenn, Director - Accountabill Ltd

At the start I wasn’t sure I could do this.

I’m not an accountant so I wasn’t sure clients would pay me well to help them run a better business.  Since joining The Gap I’ve increased my hourly recovery rate in some cases by more than three times.

I’ve always charged monthly fixed fees for bookkeeping services and I used to have clients on $200 per month packages but now I’ve got clients paying $1,500 per month!  I’ve just sent a proposal out for business planning and monthly coaching.  When signing clients up, I’m now focusing on the business development services and adding the bookkeeping fees on the side! 

My team do the bookkeeping so I can focus on the planning, forecasting and coaching side of things.  It isn’t rocket science for bookkeepers to help clients with their business plan.  You just ask the right questions and they do the hard work. 

The Gap has added so much value.

I’ve now got systemised content, the training is great and I’m forming connections with other accountants and bookkeepers as well.  My confidence is improving because I’ve learned how to state my price and shut up!  I’m creating Business Fundamentals workshops and I’ve had some of The Gap products approved by NZTE for Management Capability funding.

Our clients are really comfortable with us and we’re already involved in the day to day running of their business. There is so much work to be done out there!

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