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Here for the Brave

The Gap enables accountants and bookkeepers to fulfil their true purpose; helping clients achieve their business and personal goals. We provide you with end to end systemised Business Development services and teach you to go from order taker to problem solver. Learn to front up and get clients to put their hands up for services that will make a lasting difference to them and their business.

Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Mind Freedom. Our BD portal provides you with end to end systemised services that your clients will love and you can monetise.

Help your clients now.

Use our Business Continuity Plan bridge to help them prepare. Send the Initial Email with the Guide and Plan Template.

Doing nothing is not an option.

What makes us different?

Practical + Proven

Sustainable recurring revenue

Soft skills for life

Ok, but what is it?

From Lead Generation Seminars, Proposal Building and Onboarding to Business Planning, Core Values and Succession, we’ve got every stage of your client’s journey covered.

What's in it for me?

From the Captain of the Ship, to the glue holding it together (#GoTheAdministrators) there’s something for everyone in The Gap. How can we make your role easier?

Less Hui, more Do-ey

Want to dive in and ask questions later? Take a free 14 day trial here –no credit card required!

“In 18 months our Business Development revenue has gone from zero to about 32% which is pretty awesome and we’re proud of that. That’s 32% of our revenue that wouldn’t have otherwise been there. More importantly that’s a lot of value that clients obviously needed -and weren’t getting 18 months ago. Our clients were calling out for more help from us. Thanks to The GAP we are now delivering it!”

Peter Harris, Maisey Harris & Co
Xero Accounting Partner of the Year 2018 NZ

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