November 2021

Gap Champion Resources

To ensure team buy-in and fast-track your ROI from The Gap, we recommend you nominate a 'Gap Champion' in your firm. This person will oversee the implementation of The Gap, introduce the team to The Gap using our Gap Champion resources, provide accountability, and work with our Member Success team to get the support required.

Our Gap Champion resources are located in the Leadership tab of the portal and include:

  • Gap Champion Guide
  • Gap Intro Email - Leadership Team
  • The Gap ROI Calculator
  • Gap Champion PowerPoint - Leadership Team
  • Gap Intro Email - Implementation Team
  • Gap Intro Email - Whole Team
  • Gap Champion PowerPoint - Team Presentation
  • Team Member Achiever Matrix

Check out the Gap Champion Guide for more information about these resources.

The Four Stages of Team Development Mindset

Based on Bruce Tuckman's stages of group development first proposed in 1965, the four stages: forming, storming, norming, and performing, are considered necessary phases in the evolution of any successful team. The four stages allow members to build trust, share knowledge, and collaborate effectively.

The Four Disciplines of Organisational Health Mindset

This mindset simplifies laying the foundations for a healthy organisation, starting with 5 steps to build a cohesive leadership team. This enables you to create true clarity for your team and ensure clarity is demonstrated repetitively and that team growth occurs through this lens.

The Three Freedoms Mindset

It's a common misconception that clients want growth; often they want more control. Ultimately, all seek the Mind, Time and Financial Freedom to enjoy their desired lifestyle. Articulating the value of working with you in relation to all three freedoms is key to helping them unlock their goals.

October 2021

Ramp Up Your Business with Xero Webinar Kit

Help clients understand how using Xero and working with your firm can help them achieve the three freedoms. Position the value of upgrading to a Xero Plan and undertaking ongoing reporting and accountability.

Attendees can choose to be sent the Three Freedoms Worksheet to help them identify goals and actions they can take to achieve the three freedoms. Don't forget to follow them up in 4-6 weeks to see how they're going with completing their actions and achieving their goals.

The Forgetting Curve Mindset

The more frequently we revise something, the better we retain it. Our memory of newly learned knowledge tends to half in a matter of days or weeks unless we consciously review it. This mindset depicts the value in revision and practise so that new learnings become second nature.

September 2021

Redefining Success Webinar Kit

The events of the last 18 months have shone the light on what's important. Now's the time for clients to redefine what success means for them, their business, and their team, then make a new plan to achieve it. The Redefining Success webinar teaches attendees how to redefine success, update their Business Plan to reflect this new definition, and implement strategies for success.

Softly positioning Business Planning, Cashflow Improvement, and Management Reporting, attendees can also choose to be sent the Personal Budget Template, Team Reflection Questionnaire, or the Sustainable Business Success Worksheet. This worksheet helps clients redefine success; calculate their minimum viable sales level and debtor days; identify what they need to stop, continue, and start doing; and determine the additional support they need to achieve sustainable business success. Don't forget to follow them up in 4-6 weeks to see how they're going with achieving their new definition of success (and finding out if they could calculate their minimum viable sales and debtor days themselves!).

August 2021

The 3 Essential Tools for Business Success Webinar

An update on our popular 3 Essential Tools for Business Success Seminar, cut down to a succinct 45-minute webinar with 15 minutes for question time. Demonstrate how the 3 essential tools - Annual Business Plan, Annual Forecast and Ongoing Reporting and Accountability - can set clients up for success.

The Building Better Habits Worksheet is a complimentary service option to send to attendees to help them identify small changes they can make in their business to implement the three tools and achieve business success. Follow up with a phone all in 4-6 weeks to see how they're going with implementing better business habits and softly position support you can provide.

Business Planning Pre-work (Update)

The Business Planning Pre-work was updated so it's more aligned with the Business Plan format.

Monthly Coaching Pre-work (Update)

The Monthly Coaching Pre-work for subsequent sessions has been updated so clients can review the numbers they achieved in the last 30 days and list they actions they completed or didn't complete, allowing both facilitator and client to prepare for the sessions and dig deeper during the meeting.

July 2021

Personal Budget Template (Update)

We've updated the Personal Budget Template so each line item and category heading can be edited. We also added an 'Other/Misc' section so users can add their own expense category and expenses, e.g. Religious/Cultural spending.

You'll find the Personal Budget Template in the 'Your Personal Budget' Webinar, as well as in the Business Recovery bridge and attached to the Get Back to Business Personal Budget Email.

Mindset Tools

  • The Emotional Cycle of Change
  • Who's Sailing the Ship
  • Privilege and Responsibility 
  • The Power of 1%

June 2021

Vision, Purpose and Values Webinar

This webinar demystifies the three cornerstones of culture: vision, purpose and values. By discovering the components of a clear vision statement, learning how to define their why, and understanding the importance of Core Values, attendees will develop a Culture Card for their business to drive their culture and maximise their results.

Don't forget to follow the same process to deliver your firm's Culture Card prior to delivering this webinar. Check out the Demystifying Your Vision, Purpose and Values Training Sprint for more information about developing your Culture Card and delivering the webinar.

May 2021

Virtual Planning for Success

Help your clients gain control of their business, access a valuable network of non-competing businesses, and unlock their true potential with this virtual monthly coaching programme.

Following the initial workshop and each quarterly workshop, participants will develop their Quarterly Action Plan. They'll then review and tweak their plan following each monthly milestone workshop.

During each workshop, you'll address common themes identified in participants' pre-work, deliver a learning insight, and provide accountability. We've created PowerPoints with speaker notes for the first two workshops and a blank template for you to use for subsequent workshops.

This high-value 12-month workshop programme allows you to leverage your time to deliver accountability coaching to a group of 15-20 clients in a virtual setting.

April 2021

Business Recovery Planning - Update

We've updated the content in the Business Recovery Planning bridge to ensure it's still relevant for businesses who need a plan to recover.

Business Recovery Planning Process Guide
This has been updated to reflect the changes to the content. Ensure you read this to fully understand the process. The BRP webinar content has been removed from the bridge; this is now only located in the Gap Webinars bridge. The Get Back to Business webinar also positions the Business Recovery Plan as a service option.

Business Recovery Planning Pre-work
We've reduced the length of the pre-work to ensure you still obtain the information needed to formulate an effective plan but avoid overwhelm.

Business Recovery Plan
We've changed the first section from 'Executive summary' to 'Summary of key challenges', swapped the order so the financial section comes later in the plan, and added a section for the five most important habits to maintain.

Summary of UK Government Support for Businesses (England) - UK only
This guide summarises the timeline for businesses in England to emerge from lockdown and positions the government support available to continue to support businesses.

March 2021

Get Back to Business Webinar

The only certainty for businesses right now is that there will be ongoing disruption. Help attendees focus their energy on the things they can control and the opportunities that exist. You'll help them get the best return on their efforts and use change as their catalyst to survive in these uncertain times. 

Send attendees the Pricing Change Impact Resource attached to the Thank You Email and position the development of their Business Recovery Plan or Business Plan, or a complimentary Back to Business Action List to help attendees make a plan to get back to business.

Terms of Engagement Template - Update

The Terms of Engagement Templates have been updated to include a section about the use of third party providers. We've also removed the tables from the templates.

These templates are a guide only and must be updated to reflect your legal requirement and firm standards.

February 2021

Selling Your Value Webinar

Teach attendees powerful sales techniques to boost their conversion rate and increase their profit. They'll learn the top 10 selling must do's, the three essentials to create value, and the essential components of a Sales Action Plan.

Send attendees the Formula for Change Mindset attached to the Thank You Email and position the development of their Sales Action Plan, ongoing Value Based Selling coaching, or a complimentary Formula for Change Worksheet to help clients position their value.

Don't forget to watch the recording of our Problem Solving Selling training sprint in the Training Sprint Catalogue for more information best practice sales techniques.

Client Onboarding Experience PowerPoint Slide

This slide is a visual representation of your clients' onboarding experience so prospective clients know what they can expect. Update the slide with your standard new client service offering and logo and update the colours to reflect your brand.

Save the slide as an image and use it on your website and in your marketing.

December 2020

Leveraging Your Technology Webinar

Leveraging technology is the easiest way for businesses to streamline their processes, increase their efficiency, and ultimately achieve time, mind and financial freedom. You don't need to be an app or tech expert to deliver this webinar; it's about helping clients document their processes and identify ways they can use technology to become more efficient.

Send attendees the Guide to Leveraging Your Technology following the webinar and include a complimentary App Stack Project Worksheet (with or without a review meeting) in your service offering. We've included Delivery Notes and Meeting Minutes to use during the review meeting.

Don't forget to watch the recording of our training webinar in the Training Sprint Catalogue for more information on the webinar, as well as how to develop your firm's app stack.

2020 Christmas eBook

A Christmas eBook reflecting the year that was 2020; acknowledging Covid and lockdown but not dwelling on it.  Brand the Word file, convert to a PDF, then email it to your clients for some light Christmas reading.

Located in the Marketing tab > Your BD Marketing Collateral > Christmas eBook 2020 folder, are three versions of the eBook:

  1. Static image - so you can just replace the placeholder images on the first and last pages with your logo (without messing up the formatting).
  2. Fully editable - so you can change up some of the images and truly reflect your branding (be careful with the formatting).
  3. Text only - so you can use our text but design your own eBook.

November 2020

Governance Webinar Series Part 1 - Governance in Action

Every business has a governance function; no matter its size.  In part one of this two-part webinar series, you'll help your clients differentiate their governance role from their managing role and implement best practice governance to minimise risk and maximise efficiency.

Send attendees a copy of the Governing vs Managing mindset following the webinar and include a complimentary Annual Governance Work Schedule in your service offering.  The Work Schedule helps clients identify the governance work they need to undertake throughout the year and plan when this work will be completed.  Follow up with a phone call in 4-6 weeks to find out how they're going with completing their Work Schedule and implementing best practice governance.  Softly position your Governance Planning service.

Governance Webinar Series Part 2 - Boards That Deliver

In part two of the series, you'll dive deeper into the four pillars of governance to help attendees improve their purpose, culture, accountability and compliance.  You'll show how attendees can accelerate their governance performance with a clear Governance Framework Plan, Director Job Description and Risk Register.

Send attendees a copy of the Four Pillars of Governance mindset following the webinar and include a complimentary Risk Register Template in your service offering.  It's likely most clients will struggle to identify and analyse the risks in their business, so ensure you follow up with a phone call in 2-3 weeks to find out how they're going with completing their Risk Register.  Softly position Governance Planning, coaching or a one-off meeting to work together to complete the Risk Register.

Leadership Lessons Webinar

Leadership skills are learned, and most business owners haven't had any formal leadership training.  After attending this webinar, attendees will be able to overcome their leadership roadblocks, implement best practice leadership essentials, master their mindset, implement practical ways to embed better leadership, and identify skill gaps and identify a plan to improve their leadership.

Send attendees a copy of the OARBED mindset following the webinar and include a complimentary Leadership Self-assessment Worksheet in your service offering.  This allows clients to rank their skill level for eight key abilities and document a plan for improvement.  Follow up with a phone call in 4-6 weeks to find out how they're going with implementing their plan and improving their leadership skills.

Effective Governance - Update

We've updated the name of the Governance Action Calendar to 'Annual Governance Work Schedule'.  Located in the Delivery folder of the Effective Governance bridge, this version is designed to be used with clients during a Governance Planning session.  A different version is located in the Governance in Action Webinar bridge to send to clients to complete themselves.

The Governance Planning Delivery Notes have been updated to reflect the name change.

October 2020

Reclaiming Your Time Webinar

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but some people seem to achieve so much more!  Help your clients identify key strategies to re-prioritise their time so they can spend more time on the things that matter most.

Send attendees a copy of The Achiever Matrix mindset following the webinar and include a complimentary Achiever Matrix Worksheet in your service offering.  This worksheet first requires clients to assess how they currently work by recording their tasks in the Achiever Matrix, then identify tasks which can be managed more effectively, delegated to others or given up completely.  Finally, they'll record their ideal future Achiever Matrix and identify steps they'll take to live into this.  Follow up with a quick phone call in 4-6 weeks to see how they're getting on with re-prioritising their tasks and position coaching or an additional service.

Everything you need to market and deliver this webinar is in the Gap Webinars bridge.

September 2020

Bolstering Your Balance Sheet Webinar

Business owners tend to focus on increasing profit and driving down costs, and neglect their Balance Sheet.  This webinar helps attendees understand what their Balance Sheet can tell them about the health of their business.

Send attendees the Guide to Your Financial Reports following the webinar and include a complimentary Balance Sheet Health Check and review phone call in your service offering.

Everything you need to market and deliver this webinar is in the Gap Webinars bridge.

How Robust is Your Trust Webinar (NZ Specific)

Leverage your time to update clients on the new Trusts Act 2019.  This webinar will help attendees understand the importance of reviewing their Trust and ensuring it will be compliant by 30 January 2021.

Provide attendees with Your Guide to Trusts and offer a complimentary How Robust is Your Trust Checklist in your service offering. 

Everything you need to market and deliver this webinar is in the Gap Webinars bridge.

Trust Review Update

All content in the Trust Review bridge has been updated to reflect the new Trusts Act 2019.  Trusts must be compliant with the new legislation by 30 January 2021, so now is a great time to position the Trust Review service.

If your firm offers a Professional Trustee service, send the Annual Trustee Obligations Checklist to all Trustees prior to the annual meeting and use the Annual Trustee Meeting Minutes to record key discussion points and decisions made.

Mindset Tools

  • The Aqua Model
  • Backbone and Heart

August 2020

Seven Ways to Grow Your Business Webinar

An update on our popular Seven Ways to Grow Your Business Seminar, cut down to a succinct 45 minute webinar, with 15 minutes for question time.  Demonstrate how small changes can have a big impact on results using animations from the Growth Equation calculator and softly position Business Planning and coaching as best practice.

Send attendees the 7 Ways to Grow Your Business Resource which summarises each of the seven ways, and include a complimentary 7 Ways to Grow Your Business Action List and review phone call in your service offering.

Everything you need to market and deliver this webinar is in the Gap Webinars bridge.

Your Personal Budget Webinar

This webinar helps attendees understand the importance of developing and reviewing an annual Personal Budget to help them achieve financial freedom.  Provide attendees with our complimentary Personal Budget Template and softly position a review or coaching to ensure they achieve their financial goals.

Everything you need to market and deliver this webinar is in the Gap Webinars bridge.

Mindset Tools

  • Now Where How
  • The Goldilocks Rule
  • The 10 Departments in Your Business

July 2020

Know Your Numbers Webinar

This webinar will help your clients understand what each of their key financial reports tells them about their business.  Provide attendees with a complimentary Guide to Your Financial Reports to reinforce their learning, softly selling additional services.

You'll find everything you need to market and deliver this webinar in the Gap Webinars bridge.

Lockdown Reflection Questionnaire

An online questionnaire to send to clients to help them ruminate on their achievements and learnings from lockdown.  Find out how they were affected by lockdown and help them reset their goals and refocus on the future. 

June 2020

Adapting to the New Business as Usual Webinar

This webinar shows clients how to move from their old 'business as usual', through 'business unusual' and into their new 'business as usual'.

Mindset Tools

  • Atomic Habits
  • The Rubber Band Model
  • The Value Ladder

May 2020

Business Recovery Planning

Following on from the Business Continuity Plan, clients need to develop a Business Recovery Plan to move from survival mode to recovery mode.  This bridge contains everything you need to market, sell and deliver the service, including a webinar to deliver to your clients.  Give clients the option of a full Business Recovery Planning session or a complimentary Business Recovery Actions List for them to DIY.

Facebook Group Management Guide

Our Facebook Group Management Guide has been designed to help you create and moderate a closed Facebook group for your clients.  A Facebook Group is a great way to engage your clients and communicate with them in a leveraged way, allowing clients to interact with each other, form networks, and support one another.

April 2020

Getting Paid Webinar

This webinar helps clients understand how to continue getting paid despite the Covid-19 crisis as well as learn how to improve their cashflow and build their cash war chest in the future.

Webinar Templates

Our Webinar Templates folder provides everything you need to market and delivery bespoke webinars to your clients and prospects.  Education marketing is the softest sell and webinars allow you to leverage your time to reach the most clients and prospects.

Covid-19 Government Support Update Webinar

A new webinar for members to deliver to their clients, updating them on the latest government support offerings as a result of Covid-19.  Different versions available for members in NZ, AU and UK to reflect the support offered by each government.

March 2020

C-19 Your Business Continuity Plan

At this unprecedented time, your clients need their accountant more than ever.  Use the content in our new bridge - Your Business Continuity Plan to connect with your clients and offer support now!  We recommend leveraging your time by delivering the Business Continuity Plan webinar to your clients.  

Cashflow Freedom Seminar

Our Cashflow Freedom seminar helps attendees understand where the cash goes in their business; they may be making a profit but does their bank account reflect this?  You'll demonstrate how business owners can prepare for economic downturns and use the Where Does the Cash Go? calculator to show how an increase in profit can lead to less cash than before.

This seminar positions Cashflow Forecasts, Cashflow Management Coaching and Business Planning as best practice.  This bridge contains everything you need to market the seminar, sell tickets, and deliver the seminar using our PowerPoint presentation and Delivery Notes. 

Growth Equation

Added a currency selection tool for use across different territories.

Mindset Tools

  • The Man on the Moon Principle
  • The Happiness Pie
  • The Results Mindset

February 2020

The Templates and Versions Guide

This Guide helps you utilise our new Templates and Versions functionality.

Learn how to create your own bespoke content and systems using our Generic Templates so you can systemise services you're currently delivering outside of the portal.

Portal Administrators can create versions of Gap documents to suit your requirements, e.g. a Business Plan for farming clients.

A must-read prior to using these new features in The Gap Portal.

Tax Review Starter Kit

Our first starter kit in the Templates area, this content provides a starting point for systemising your Tax Review service in the portal.  Follow our best practice system to refine your Tax Review service, from marketing and selling the service through to delivering it to your clients.

Performance Review

Prior to holding Performance Reviews with your team members, send them Performance Review Pre-work to understand how their role has evolved, their key strengths and areas of interest, suggestions for improvement, additional training and development, additional support needed and the goals they'd like to achieve over the next year.

During the Performance Review meeting, use the Performance Review Summary to record the agreed outcomes from the session.

January 2020

Complimentary Client Review - Re-engage

Client Reflection Questionnaire

Touch base with your clients before they head into the new financial year.  This questionnaire helps clients to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year and will help to establish their new focus, clarify what success looks like for them, and set meaningful business and personal goals for the year.

Business Planning

Published a Business Planning Process Guide, accessible via the 'Download Process Guide' button on the top right hand side of the Process Flowchart.

Monthly Coaching

Updated Monthly Coaching Pre-work to include:

  • Review of numbers
  • Review of 30 day actions

December 2019

Effective Governance

Effective Governance is about structuring, operating and controlling a company with a view to achieving long-term strategic goals and add value to a business.

There are two services within this bridge; Governance Planning and Governance Coaching.

Governance Planning assists your client to develop and implement a Governance Framework Plan to maximise shareholder value, achieve their strategic goals, and minimise risk.

Governance Coaching is designed to be used by accountants who have experience as a Director; you'll be attending your client's Board Meetings as a coach and observer, providing feedback and helping the client implement best practice.

The Gap + BOMA Content Library Catalogue

Use our new catalogue to send content via the BOMA marketing platform to engage your clients and deliver educational marketing, tailored toward specific Gap services.  You'll find the catalogue in The Gap + BOMA folder in the Marketing tab of the portal.

Click the link for the relevant piece of content to access it in BOMA.  Make sure you've unlocked our Premium content library to access all of our Gap content.

If you're not yet a BOMA subscriber, you can sign up for a 14 day free trial to check it out.

If you're planning to target a particular service in your marketing campaign, use our new Content Library Catalogue to quickly identify The Gap's BOMA content.

2019 Christmas eBook

Once again, we created a short Christmas eBook for you to brand and send to your clients to encourage them to reflect on their year and start planning for 2020.  The eBook softly plants the seed for your clients to engage with you in the new year for Business Planning, forecasting or coaching.

You'll find summer and winter versions in the 'Your BD Marketing' folder of the Marketing tab in the portal, along with a Guide to Using the eBook.

November 2019

Annual Accounts Review

We added new content to ensure your firm has a streamlined process for your Annual Accounts service.  This content will help you delegate the Annual Accounts Review meeting to your senior team and free up your time so you can focus on delivering more CCRs to your clients.

We also updated the Confirmation and Pre-work Email to remove the 'Annual Accounts' text fields to ensure consistency across the bridge.  Remember, all content can be edited, so you can still change the name manually if you use different terminology.

Management Reporting

Management Reporting allows you to better engage your clients and provide real value via your Management Reporting service; enabling you to monetise your reporting tool.

Designed to be delivered by a Client Manager or Senior Accountant, this bridge will help Partners free up their time and upskill your Young Guns to facilitate more Business Development services.

You'll find the Management Reporting content in the Business Advisory bridge.

Job Description - Director (updated)

  • Combined the Business Model and Structure key responsibility sections into one section

Proactive Onboarding (updated)

Proactive Accounting Meeting Confirmation & Pre-work Email

  • Removed drop down answer field from Annual Turnover question
  • Added radio buttons for client to select range instead
  • Users can now update the ranges prior to sending to clients (if required)

October 2019

Mindset Tools

Mindset Videos:

  • The Diffusion of Innovation
  • Scarcity vs Abundance
  • The Productivity Pyramid
  • The Sales Process

Mindset Cards:

  • The Four Pillars of Governance
  • Governing vs Managing
  • The Grow Model
  • The Sales Process

The 3 Essential Tools for Business Success Seminar

With our newest seminar, you'll take attendees through the three essential tools for business success - a Business Plan, a Forecast, and ongoing reporting and accountability.

This seminar positions the Business Development Trifecta as best practice.  The bridge contains everything you need to market the seminar, sell tickets, and deliver the seminar using our PowerPoint Template and Delivery Notes. 

KPI Improvement Coaching Tactics Guide (updated)

Updated the list of reporting and dashboard tools to reflect the change from CrunchBoards to Futrli.

September 2019

Portal Wide Updates


  • Updated the tables in the pre-work email to improve user experience

Administration Support Checklists:

  • Updated the aesthetics and removed tables to improve user experience


Mindset Tools

Mindset Videos:

  • The Grow Model
  • The Four Decisions Driving Growth
  • The Partner Alignment Circle
  • The Ansoff Matrix
  • The Golden Circle
  • The OPPS Mindset
  • Kettle Logic vs Emotion
  • The FGG Principle
  • The Planning Hierarchy
  • The Pathway to Empowerment
  • The Performance Matrix
  • Be Do Have
  • The 5 A's of Change
  • The Business 101 Cycle
  • The 5 Pillars of Value

Mindset Cards:

  • The 5 A's of Change (updated)


Business Planning (updated)

Business Plan:

  • Enhanced format
  • Budget section now separate 
  • Softly positions Quarterly Coaching by recording year to date budget each quarter


August 2019

Portal Wide Updates


  • Updated the aesthetics of all proposals to match Services Proposal format
  • Added functionality to upload front and back covers to all proposals (optional)
  • Updated payment terms area

Client Forms:

  • For a more user friendly experience, the merge tag {doc_link} text in emails now appears as 'click here' during document creation
  • Where text has been accidentally removed, the text 'Please click here to read and submit the document' will automatically append to the end of the email to ensure the client can access the document 


Proactive Onboarding

Our new Proactive Onboarding bridge beefs up the content formerly found in the Proactive Accounting Meeting bridge, with new proposal software, branding templates, and client onboarding processes.

Marketing subfolder:
Everything you need to market the Proactive Accounting Meeting to prospective clients, including pre-work to send prior to the meeting.  You'll also find our proposal cover page and back page templates which you can update to suit your branding, add your contact details, convert to a PDF, then upload to your proposals.

Selling subfolder:

  • Services Proposal:
    • After setting up your services and pricing in the Admin area, send this for your compliance, compliance plus, advisory, bookkeeping, and Business Development services; Terms of Engagement are required to send this proposal
  • Proposal for Additional Services
    • Send this to new clients who require a one off service in addition to the bundled service offering in the Services Proposal
  • Terms of Engagement Templates (NZ, Aus, UK versions available)
    • Update to meet your requirements then upload to the Admin area to automatically send your Terms of Engagement with your Services Proposal

Onboarding subfolder:
This new subfolder contains everything you need to develop an effective onboarding process.  With a guide and checklist to develop your process, email templates, a support call script, and a feedback form, this folder contains everything you need to seamlessly onboard your new clients.

June 2019

Complimentary Client Review

Marketing subfolder:

  • Annual Accounts Review Meeting Confirmation and Pre-work Email
    • Send this to your client prior to the Annual Accounts Review Meeting 
  • CCR Confirmation and Pre-work Email
    • We've added pre-work to the confirmation email so your client can get thinking about their goals prior to the meeting
  • Proposal cover page and back cover page templates

Selling subfolder:

  • Services Proposal
    • Re-engage your clients with the Services Proposal; Terms of Engagement aren't a requirement for this one as you're sending it to existing clients who should have already accepted your Terms

Re-engage subfolder:

A brand new subfolder, containing everything you need to minimise Scope Stretch, or Scope Creep, in your firm.  Our new content includes a guide, Outline and Benefits for a Quick Queries service, scripts your team can use when they've identified potential Scope Stretch, and a Proposal for Additional Services to quickly send to clients to ensure you're paid for the additional work required.


Mindset Tools

Mindset Cards:

  • Be Do Have
  • Four Decisions Driving Growth
  • The Partner Alignment Circle
  • Scarcity vs Abundance
  • The Ansoff Matrix
  • The Golden Circle


Building a Better Business in 10 Steps Seminar

With our latest seminar, you'll take attendees through the 10 steps they should take to unleash their business's full potential.  These practical steps reflect best practice and softly position various Business Development services you can offer.  This bridge contains everything you need to market the seminar, sell tickets, and deliver the seminar using our PowerPoint Template and Delivery Notes.


10 Hats Workshop Tri-series

Our first one to many workshop series.  Leverage your time and deliver these workshops to 15-20 attendees.  Set over three months, these workshops will help attendees create a better organisation structure to help them work more effectively and free up their time.

At the first workshop they'll develop their organisation charts, at the second they'll create job descriptions for each role, and at the third they'll develop processes to maximise their team's performance.