Niran Iswar, Director - BetterCo

Four years ago, I was stuck in compliance work.

Now I make 5 to 6 client calls a day and spend the rest of my day delivering business development work.  A good chunk of our clients are on monthly coaching packages, paying at least $1,500 each month.

We’ve put our accountants in charge of delivering the draft accounts meetings so that we can run the coaching meetings.  In two years, we’ve gone from zero to 25% of our total revenue coming from BD work.

We are now at a point where we can’t understand why you’re in business without a Business Plan, a forecast AND a coach.  You need these things to meet your goals and objectives.  We want to be part of our client’s team and that’s how we sell it.  We really believe in it. 

Our accountants are starting to identify client situations and asking - can you help them? 

Accountants make great coaches because they understand the numbers.

We’re getting heaps of referrals.  We lead with the accounting service and once we have their trust we talk about coaching.  We always tell new clients, "You may not need this now, but you will need it one day".

Our clients now have more clarity, more energy and motivation.  The accountability piece is key.

The Gap is really good content.  There is so much gold in there!  We can do business planning in our sleep now and I’ve got so much room to grow!

The Gap has added so much value to us and our clients’ lives. What we pay for that is next to nothing.

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