What is Business Development?

At The Gap, we define Business Development as 'service that creates enduring value for clients'.

Why reinvent the wheel? We've created the entire end to end system for you.

Systemised end to end Business Development

Our Bridges

We call our BD products 'Bridges', as they bridge the gap between compliance services and services that create enduring value for your clients. All of these services are suitable for typical SME clients.

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We're not selling hype or hope. Our bridges are tried and tested.

We update and enhance our content weekly and regularly publish new bridges. Use these bridges with your clients and within your firm to improve your planning, structure, HR management, profit and cashflow.

Over 10,000 man (and woman!) hours have been invested in our portal. Is that really where you want to spend your time?

Our Content Roadmap

  • Accountability Coaching Group
  • Planning for Success
  • Effective Governance for SMEs
Content Roadmap

LEAP Programme

LEAP is a free online programme designed to keep our members accountable to implementing their BD vision. LEAP comprises 11 simple modules, each with a short video and an Action Plan. We expect you to complete LEAP within 26 weeks, though most firms will work through the modules much faster than this.

Simply register here and our Implementation Manager, Jade Burger, will get you started.

Our Support

Providing value-add services requires resolving the three biggest barriers to implementing anything new in business: No Time, No Confidence and No System. Our support process ensures you get going and work towards achieving your goals.

Your monthly investment in The Gap includes the below support, our members describe it as 'world class'. You also get to talk to humans (and we're a crack up bunch).
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    Our Pricing

    Our Pricing

    Read our Licence Agreement and Privacy Notice

    Too busy to read our wordy and longwinded (that's our legal team's job) agreement? 

    There are three essential terms you need to be aware of:

      1. When you become a Gap member, you commit to a minimum 12-month subscription term.
      2. You can't own our intellectual property. We do. You get to use our resources as long as you're a paid up member.
      3. You cannot sell, give or hire the content out to any other person or organisation.

    To join, download and complete your membership form or contact us.

    14 Day Free Trial

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    You'll get access to TWO FULL services - the Complimentary Client Review (CCR) and Business Planning (BP).  
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    Take a Tour

    We regularly host 60 minute online tours of The Gap Portal.

    We'll show you how our systemised bridges allow you to leverage your team effectively to deliver a range of value-add services to your SME clients.

    Pick a session time that suits you and register your team to see how you can start your Business Development journey with The Gap.


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