Amy Saleman

Member Success


About Amy

Amy thrives on supporting Gap firms as they track their unique Business Development journey.  She plays a key role in member onboarding; helping firms to hit the ground running and dissolve road blocks to success.  A change specialist and efficiency guru, Amy gets her kicks from empowering people and taking the ‘hard’ out of business process and systems.

As Member Success Specialist, Amy is dedicated to helping firms maximise their ROI from the Gap.  She is also extremely passionate about supporting Gappies to help their clients run a better business and achieve financial, time and mind freedom.  Amy brings a diverse skill set to the Gap team; with so many strings to her bow, she’s practically a harp. 
Amy loves all things people, placing equal value on EQ, IQ and AQ. She’s also an advocate for balance, be that time spent walking her two mini-schnauzers or enjoying a glass of anything in the spa. When she’s not helping Gappies leverage their team to deliver BD she can be found chasing adventures, and partaking in mischievous water fights on the back of fire trucks - all in the name of Trillian Trek charity.  



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