Andrew Ritchie




About Andrew

Andrew loves working with progressive firms; engaging partners and their teams as they begin their Business Development expedition.  A KPI specialist and skilled Strategic Planning facilitator, Andrew focuses on creating connections to ensure everybody in an organisation contributes at their highest level.  He loves being part of a team where success is expected and celebrated!

Robust debates, removing blockages, and identifying key tasks that will make the biggest difference to results, gets Andrew frothing. Setting people up for success and helping them to create a brilliant culture as they scale is his passion.  He feels his greatest when those around him go home knowing they’ve done a great day’s work.

Outside of work, he’s been known as ‘Archie’ since his university mates merged his first and last names.  He runs the odd casual marathon (8! And counting!), has mastered the art of a finely balanced curry, and loves catching indie rock gigs at dingy venues.  Also a voracious traveller, Andrew loves the thrill of exploring new places - with his life’s ambition being to have always visited more countries than his age.  Gallivanting aside, he can be found unwinding on a Friday night with a single malt Scotch whisky, unless it’s race day tomorrow.



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