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Take the time, cost and complexity out of your digital marketing.

The Gap is a web based portal that enables accounting firms to deliver a wide range of Business Development services to their clients.

At The Gap, we define Business Development as 'services that create enduring value for clients'.

Most businesses need help to achieve the 'Three freedoms' - Financial Freedom, Time Freedom and Mind Freedom.

Our BD portal provides you with end to end systemised services that your clients will love and you can monetise.

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Accounting firms claim (in their websites and other marketing) that they provide BD services.

For most, those claims are purely aspirational. They don't have a clear menu of BD services that they are proactively marketing to their clients, they are simply dispensing advice on a reactive basis.

The Gap teaches you to go from order taker to problem solver. Learn to front up and get clients to put their hands up for services that will make a lasting difference to them and their business.

Our purpose

Leading accountants to achieve their true purpose.

Our vision

Accounting firms providing enduring value to their clients.

Our business

Leading edge Business Development products and knowledge.

We're bridging the gap between compliance and Business Development

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