Jade Burger

Marketing & Events


About Jade

Jade is our not so secret weapon. She came to us following a five-year stint in Australia, where she honed a range of high level administration and client support skills. She also proved she's not afraid to get her hands dirty by working in an Iron Ore mine. She likens this role to the four years prior that she endured at IRD. Hence she thoroughly enjoys taking positively charged support calls from our happy Gap members! 

As Implementation Manager she'll be your first point of contact and support you in your seamless implementation with The Gap, be that via the phone, training sprint, or Member Workshop (effortlessly organised by Jade). Jade is pragmatic and creative, but always happy to discuss what's trending on twitter or in vogue magazine. 

When she's not in the office nagging people to do their pre-work, she can be found annoying her cat Brian, and partner Ben, conquering Mount Mauao, or keeping up with the Kardashians (don't judge). Jade doesn't drink wine but not because she's a saint - she just prefers vodka.



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