Jen Lowes



About Jen

Jen is a fountain of knowledge with double degrees in Accounting and Law. Sharp as a tack - Nat is grateful to have her as a right hand content lady. Her acute proofreading eye and ability to decipher technical jargon is extremely useful in the development and publishing process. 

Jen also hails from a previous role at IRD. She much prefers working with our clever clients to continually enhance the systemised Business Development content we provide. You can also shout out to Jen at one of our regular training sprints.

Jen has been studying so long she can't remember what her hobbies are… but if you can call smashing oneself at the gym before the sun comes up a hobby then… she is also a self-confessed Netflix addict and happily navigates her son Brandon to the various local skate parks. Typically this is followed by a refreshing glass of Pinot Gris (for her) afterwards.



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