Kiana Allen

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About Kiana

Kiana lovingly guides prospective Gappies to live into their true purpose; providing enduring value to their clients.  She’ll schedule a tour of The Gap for you, guide you through a free trial of The Gap Portal and, of course, welcome you into our Gap community.

Previous roles have seen Kiana develop many valuable skills, including reversing extremely expensive cars into very narrow spaces and coordinating large scale community events.  She is also a youth mentor for the Graeme Dingle Foundation.  Feel free to ask her more about this!

Kiana loves meeting new people, nearly as much as a good sunset... And when she's not tying up our loose ends she can be found adding to her plant collection, kookslamming herself at the closest beach, or snapping polaroids of her adventures.  Kiana isn't fussy as long as the wine is red and there are great people to share it with.



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