Mark Jenkins


& Sales Director

About Mark - CA, CPA

Mark established Quay Accountants, where he generated revenues in excess of $2m per annum, of which over 50% was from systemised Business Development work. He co-founded The Gap with Viv and is CEO of 2020 Business Dynamics. He works with New Zealand and Australian firms to deliver the three freedoms to their own clients and achieve recurring BD revenue and ultimate client stickiness in the process.

A humble realist, Mark is a total stickler for achieving one's goals. His success stems from the design and packaging of BD services to create recurring income and a business model that didn't rely on his presence. With a strong emphasis on congruency, vision and culture, he is also a sales force. His mission is to blow apart the used car salesman stigma around selling, kick product pushers into touch, and help our Gap members to sell valuable BD services to the clients who will really benefit from them.

He's come a long way since his days as the long haired hippie from KPMG. He's an avid business reader and writer who loves nothing more than a punishing morning row. BTW his rowing is a vain attempt to keep up with his three teenage sons - who are all semi-professional (and taller than him). Mark and his wife Mia love a long walk on Ohope Beach followed by a glass of red.



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