September 2019


Mindset Videos:

  • The Grow Model
  • The Four Decisions Driving Growth
  • The Partner Alignment Circle
  • The Ansoff Matrix
  • The Golden Circle
  • The OPPS Mindset
  • Kettle Logic vs Emotion
  • The FGG Principle
  • The Planning Hierarchy
  • The Pathway to Empowerment
  • The Performance Matrix
  • Be Do Have
  • The 5 A's of Change
  • The Business 101 Cycle
  • The 5 Pillars of Value

Mindset Cards:

  • The 5 A's of Change (updated)

Business Plan

  • Enhanced format
  • Budget section now separate
  • Softly positions Quarterly Coaching by recording year to date budget each quarter


Updated the tables in the pre-work email to improve user experience.

Administration Support Checklists

Updated the aesthetics and removed tables to improve user experience.

August 2019

Proactive Onboarding

Our new Proactive Onboarding bridge beefs up the content formerly found in the Proactive Accounting Meeting bridge, with new proposal software, branding templates, and client onboarding processes.

Marketing subfolder:

Everything you need to market the Proactive Accounting Meeting to prospective clients, including pre-work to send prior to the meeting.  You'll also find our proposal cover page and back page templates which you can update to suit your branding, add your contact details, convert to a PDF, then upload to your proposals.

Selling subfolder:

  • Services Proposal
    • After setting up your services and pricing in the Admin area, send this for your compliance, compliance plus, advisory, bookkeeping, and Business Development services; Terms of Engagement are required to send this proposal
  • Proposal for Additional Services
    • Send this to new clients who require a one off service in addition to the bundled service offering in the Services Proposal
  • Terms of Engagement Templates (NZ, Aus, UK versions available)
    • Update to meet your requirements then upload to the Admin area to automatically send your Terms of Engagement with your Services Proposal

Onboarding subfolder:

This new subfolder contains everything you need to develop an effective onboarding process.  With a guide and checklist to develop your process, email templates, a support call script, and a feedback form, this folder contains everything you need to seamlessly onboard your new clients.

Complimentary Client Review

Marketing subfolder:

  • Annual Accounts Review Meeting Confirmation and Pre-work Email
    • Send this to your client prior to the Annual Accounts Review Meeting 
  • CCR Confirmation and Pre-work Email
    • We've added pre-work to the confirmation email so your client can get thinking about their goals prior to the meeting
  • Proposal cover page and back cover page templates

Selling subfolder:

  • Services Proposal
    • Re-engage your clients with the Services Proposal; Terms of Engagement aren't a requirement for this one as you're sending it to existing clients who should have already accepted your Terms

Re-engage subfolder:

A brand new subfolder, containing everything you need to minimise Scope Stretch, or Scope Creep, in your firm.  Our new content includes a guide, Outline and Benefits for a Quick Queries service, scripts your team can use when they've identified potential Scope Stretch, and a Proposal for Additional Services to quickly send to clients to ensure you're paid for the additional work required.


  • Updated the aesthetics of all proposals to match Services Proposal format
  • Added functionality to upload front and back covers to all proposals (optional)
  • Updated payment terms area

Building a Better Business in 10 Steps Seminar

With our latest seminar, you'll take attendees through the 10 steps they should take to unleash their business's full potential.  These practical steps reflect best practice and softly position various Business Development services you can offer.  This bridge contains everything you need to market the seminar, sell tickets, and deliver the seminar using our PowerPoint Template and Delivery Notes.

10 Hats Workshop Tri-series

Our first one to many workshop series.  Leverage your time and deliver these workshops to 15-20 attendees.  Set over three months, these workshops will help attendees create a better organisation structure to help them work more effectively and free up their time.

At the first workshop they'll develop their organisation charts, at the second they'll create job descriptions for each role, and at the third they'll develop processes to maximise their team's performance.

Mindset Tools

  • Be Do Have
  • Four Decisions Driving Growth
  • The Partner Alignment Circle
  • Scarcity vs Abundance
  • The Ansoff Matrix
  • The Golden Circle


  • Updated the aesthetics of all proposals to match Services Proposal format
  • Added functionality to upload front and back covers to all proposals (optional)
  • Updated payment terms area

Client Forms

  • For a more user friendly experience, the merge tag {doc_link} text in emails now appears as 'click here' during document creation
  • Where text has been accidentally removed, the text 'Please click here to read and submit the document' will automatically append to the end of the email to ensure the client can access the document 

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