Sarah Summerville

UX Designer

About Sarah

Sarah is our digital go-to-girl. Perhaps more reserved than the rest of us; she is typically the one reigning in our creative / crazy ideas based on practical feasibility. A qualified teacher with design flare, she has sound software support experience and is your best bet with any portal queries or suggestions. Basically she can explain complicated stuff in simple terms without making you feel stupid.

As our chief digital product tester, Sarah likes to walk the talk. Her emphasis on congruency might have something to do with her least favourite student job. She worked at a tattoo parlour where she was encouraged to lie about her lack of tattoos (by pretending they were in private places). 

Tending to her veggie patch and converting her yield into amazing healthy creations is her favourite pastime. She is also a mountain biking and fishing enthusiast (provided the track's not steep and the fish are biting!), otherwise she can be found pounding the Mauao base track. Sarah is into kraft beers; her local bevvy of choice being the 'Mount Manuka Hussy.' Sarah hasn't realised that this sounds kind of bad. But we celebrate her purist outlook.



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