Business challenges are much the same the world over, BD services are universal.

The majority of our member firms are based in Australasia, however don't let geography get in the way of delivering world class Business Development services to your clients. We speak the same BD language. This is what our firms are saying about us....

Child in a Toy Shop

Looking at all the tools and systems available via The Gap it’s like a child in a toy shop. Which one do you play with first?

My decision to focus on Business Planning and coaching was definitely the right choice. After running the 7 Ways to Grow seminar on two occasions to nine businesses in total, six want me to undertake Business Planning and coaching work for them. An untapped gold mine of additional fees are available from my existing clients.

- Paul Miller
Managing Director


Real substance

‘When we saw The Gap at Xerocon and dug into the detail, we saw real substance. I love systems and structure. The Complimentary Client Review has been amazing. I've never done a CCR to date that I haven't got more work from.
Our clients plan their kitchen renovation better than they plan their business. The people here need to all be business advisors because clients don't just want a tax return anymore’.

Smart Business Solutions

Structured approach ensuring success

‘The Gap has provided us with a structured approach to help our clients to develop their businesses. I can email one of The Gap team and within 24 hours get a really valuable heads up on how to best approach an assignment.

This year it’s about being able to develop all of my team to deliver certain aspects of The Gap products. The team realise that they can’t rely on compliance work being brought to them.’

Leigh Johnston
Hetherington Johnston

No longer winging it!

'I have been in the Business Development space for years now. I wanted to get the rest of the team involved but didn't have any system for them to follow, which is why we got involved with The Gap. I started with the Complimentary Client Review meetings. The first two were with clients that I thought were not going to buy anything, so I thought they would be good practise. Having winged it for years it was hard to follow the system but I thought I should do it properly....
The process uncovered problems that neither of us knew they had and showed how much the problem could cost them. I ended up writing three proposals from those first two meetings with clients who wouldn't buy Business Development services!

The great part is that all the administration is done for me. I don't have to do much more than turn up and run the meeting. So much experience has gone into these systems and I look forward to rolling it out to the rest of our clients'.

G.W Scott & Associates Ltd

No brainer

‘By joining The Gap we have been able to help our clients solve their non-compliance problems not only at a director level, but by using the rest of our team too. It’s about being able to leverage the systems. We now have three team members delivering CCRs, which has been great in terms of individual development. If you look at The Gap from an ROI perspective, it’s a no brainer.’


Overcoming that 'mindset obstacle'

'The Gap's vision is fully in line with our mantra of 'giving regular, proactive advice to help our clients grow their business & wealth. We joined The Gap community as compliance can get a bit boring and we wanted to focus on giving real value to our clients....

We're overcoming that 'mindset obstacle' and have made ourselves available to run several CCR's. It's simple, the more time I put into CCR's and engaging clients, the more BD work I get that otherwise wouldn't.
The proposal templates, procedures and resources have enabled us to confidently market, sell and deliver real value-added services.

I'm fortunate to have a key admin person who gets it and drives the delivery of these services - which is easily managed using WorkflowMax. We always know what stage in the process we are and I can focus purely on the business development stuff.

The Gap is allowing us to deliver within our core values and help our clients achieve, while significantly increasing our turnover'.

Morrison Creed

Fantastic basis

‘The Gap team’s process-based bridges have provided a fantastic basis for our services as they’re easy to understand, deliver and are well received by our clients. The Gap team have provided great and generous support along the way.’

Achieve Business Dynamics

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