Updates to The Gap Portal

Here's a summary of what we've released on 1 October 2018

New functionality:

  • Text editor toolbar upgrades are in progress: The main toolbar is now fixed to the top of the screen; ability to 'Insert Table'
  • Ability to change your firm logo to a custom logo (per document)
  • Ability to upload documents to the Client Activity area
  • Ability to search documents in the Client Activity area


  • The ‘Send to multiple recipients’ box has been enlarged so it is possible to preview all the email addresses you have added
  • Tile view, instead of list view, is now the default view for the Mindset Tools, Training, Marketing and Leadership tabs
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

Known Issues

  • Unable to edit letter text if document is accessed from Working Files
  • Fixed 9/10/18: The width of some portal documents displays more narrow than normal if accessed from the Drafts or Completed tabs. Note this does not affect how the document outputs to PDF.

Previous Releases

New functionality:

4 September 2018

  • Tile and grid view options available under Mindset Tools, Training, Marketing and Leadership tabs
  • Search box in Working Files area 
  • Planning for Success is now active under Pricing Matrix


  • The Pricing Matrix
  • 14 day free trial
  • Additional currencies
  • Delete a completed proposal from Proposals Open area


4 September 2018

  • Improvements to the accuracy of the portal Search bar
  • Client documents auto-save every 30 seconds
  • Videos no longer require a password
  • Gap stipulated email attachments can be deleted


  • Selecting a payment term and agreeing to the proposal terms are now required fields for electronic acceptance
  • Total price of multi-service proposals now shows under Proposals Open on dashboard 
  • The NZ Specific 'Trust Review' bridge is only accessible by NZ firms
  • View the Working Files Inbox by 'All Documents'
  • Unique expiry dates for goals and actions on dashboard
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

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