Viv Brownrigg

Co-Founder and

Director of Marketing

& Strategic Partnerships

About Viv - FCA

Viv created a thriving 18 person accounting firm in Te Puke. Sought after for her procedure-based growth model, she then founded Business Fitness NZ, providing systemised compliance content to 400 NZ firms. 

Viv's a straight shooter with a big heart. A respected leader, speaker and business coach, Viv's number one business passion remains the accounting industry. She also has specialist skills in business execution, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions and is on the board of several start-up companies. Her determined focus as CEO of The Gap is to drive thought leadership and change required for Accountants to step up and take their rightful place as trusted coach and advisor to the small business community. 

At the end of a long day Viv likes to sit still - for five minutes. Then she'll be found playing handball or dress ups with her granddaughters. She also enjoys extreme word puzzles, paddle boarding and yoga (not together - that's harder than it looks). One day she'd like a miniature Schnauzer, in the meantime she's happy with her shoe collection in a non-chewed state. Viv also likes the 'occasional' Chardonnay.



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