Online Training


Join Viv Brownrigg and Mark Jenkins for an important webinar, Getting Paid.

We’ll take you through three key mindsets that apply to every business:

  1. It’s OK to charge for work you are doing without feeling guilty.
  2. Cash needs to keep moving – we all need to be part of the solution, not the problem.
  3. Time is your best friend – use strategies to flatten the payment curve for clients.


8 April 2020 | 9.00am GMT  | BOOK HERE


POSTPONED: NEW DATE | 8 April 2020 | 2.00pm NZT

Join us for a no-nonsense, warts and all outsourcing webinar where you’ll learn:

  • The five essentials that make outsourcing work
  • The common (and painful) mistakes firms make when first outsourcing - and how to avoid them
  • How to exit the ‘valley of despair’ faster
  • How to maximise outsourcing to strengthen relationships with your clients
  • The surprise side benefits of making workflow ‘flow’

Host Viv Brownrigg will be joined by Barry White, Outsource and Process Manager of Connect Outsourcing, and John Schol, Rebecca Harvey and Trina Eade of Malloch McClean. You’ll get real answers from a real firm that has made outsourcing work (and lived to tell the tale!).



9 April 2020 | 2.00pm AEST | Australia Specific

Join James True of LegalVision and Viv Brownrigg of The Gap as they answer your questions about COVID-19's HR implications.

Open to members and non-members.  



16 April 2020 | 2.00pm NZST

Join Viv Brownrigg and Dr Sven Hansen, founder of The Resilience Institute, for a special webinar Professional Resilience.

This 60 minute complimentary webinar will cover:

  • Resilience in acute adversity - bounce, grow, connect, and flow
  • How resilience fails and how to bounce fast and with skill and confidence
  • Mastering the calm and focused state under pressure - tactical calm
  • Foundations of a daily practice to support your resilience - sleep, fitness, rhythm
  • Mastering emotion in conflict and challenge - impulse control and positivity
  • Attention, focus and the quiet mind - presence and flow


Special Update

Due to the various impacts of Covid-19, the following Masterclasses have been cancelled:

The Plan | Wallacespace London | 17 March 2020
The Coach | Horizon Leeds | 19 March 2020
Cashflow Confidence | Pan Pacific Melbourne | 2 April 2020
The Coach | Pan Pacific Melbourne | 3 April 2020

As of today, it is our intention to proceed with our other upcoming workshops. However, this is a dynamic process and the situation may yet change. Expect further updates.

16th March, 2020.


Our annual workshop programme is extensive, with every member firm receiving five complimentary tickets* to the programme each year.  This enables firms to 'pick and mix' workshops according to their BD progress and that of individual team members.  With supplementary tickets costing just $195 plus GST, these high value, full day workshops are phenomenal value.

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