Peter Harris, Director - Maisey Harris & Co

In 18 months our Business Development revenue has gone from zero to about 32%.

Which is pretty awesome and we’re proud of that.  That’s 32% of our revenue that wouldn’t have otherwise been there.  More importantly, that’s a lot of value that clients obviously needed - and weren’t getting 18 months ago.

I know how far along I personally have come... coming from a traditional accounting firm, sitting behind a desk doing debits and credits, GST returns, I know that I’ve developed, I’ve come so far.

Before, selling was scary.  It was something I shied away from.  But I’ve had a big mindset change.  ‘Selling’ has become ‘I’ve got a really good client with a problem, I’ve got a really good solution, and I’m offering a solution that’s really going to help'. 

I know that traditional accountants can develop these skills.

But if you had told me three years ago that I’d be doing half day planning sessions with a client I probably would have laughed at you.  

Our clients were calling out for more help from us.  Thanks to The GAP we are now delivering it!

The Gap is the kinda stuff that gets us excited and that we get out of bed for!

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