Randall Corless, Director - Marsh Tincknell Chartered Accountants

As a firm we got to a bit of a fork in the road where we stopped growing.

So we put a strategy in place to offer new client services - and created a business advisory arm.  We offer the structured approach that The Gap puts out in the marketplace.  

We’ve tuned our team in now to look for the business advisory opportunities - which we call trigger points.  They’re now looking for opportunities in the profit and loss and balance sheet to the extent that everyone in the practice is part of the business advisory team. 

I keep telling the team we don’t sell, we help and with help comes the reward of clients being happy.  These services will at some point become something that firms have to provide, simply because they have to meet the expectations of the market.  

The feedback we're getting from clients is without a doubt 100% positive.

We talk regularly about the loyalty factor in our directors’ meetings.  That loyalty is being tested big time around the value of traditional compliance work.  We’re concentrating on the value we add in helping our clients run a better business.

One of my catch phrases when talking about client retention is to find out what they want, go get it and deliver it to them.  We’re very much living into that.

The structured approach The Gap has delivered to the market is exactly what we offer.

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