Meet the Reunion Speakers

Viv Brownrigg | The Gap

Viv is a Fellow Chartered Accountant and has more than 20 years’ experience in public practice. Whilst building a thriving practice in Te Puke, she also founded Business Fitness NZ and in her spare time carved a niche in succession planning for the accounting firms.

Not one to sit still, she joined forces with Mark Jenkins in 2014 and together they founded The Gap. With a passion for small business success at her very core, Viv is immensely proud of the difference The Gap team is making to so many lives.

Mark Jenkins | The Gap

Mark has had over 20 years in public practice, with the majority of that time as sole Director of Quay Accountants in the sunshine capital of NZ - Whakatane. In 2014, he sold his firm so he could focus on his true passion - helping accountants accelerate small business success.

Mark joined forces with Viv Brownrigg, and together they founded The Gap, enabling accounting firms throughout NZ, Australia, and the UK to build recurring Business Development and Advisory revenue.

Natalie Eady | The Gap

As General Manager at The Gap, Nat has championed a truly flexible working environment to empower our team of rock stars to better support #Gappies to accelerate small business success. An advocate for rushing slowly and leading with purpose, Nat maximises individual strengths and inputs to realise epic ideas and solutions.

Nat believes supporting our teams to thrive in (and beyond) the workplace directly affects the bottom line and is critical as you deploy Business Advisory and Development services.

Mark Greer | Bizdom

Mark is a commercially minded CA with a passion for building modern advisory-based CA firms.  Having built from scratch and sold a fast growth nationwide firm, he’s now building his second advisory and BD based firm.  

Mark lives and breathes strategy for accounting firms.  He loves nothing more than lifting the lid on a practice to help build a 5-year strategic plan for the owners the modern way, embracing value add services combined with outsourcing strategies to free up capacity. An industry expert with a strong track record of helping accounting firm owners build wealth, without burning themselves out.

Nathan Maisey and Peter Harris | Maisey Harris & Co

Having worked together in a previous life and formed a close friendship, Nathan and Pete had often talked about joining forces in business. In 2015 this became a reality. With a shared set of values at their core, focusing on family and an uncompromising need for time freedom, Maisey Harris & Co was born. 

Utilising their conflicting strengths - Nathan a risk taker and a visionary, Peter more conservative by nature - they've leveraged each other’s strengths to go beyond traditional accounting and give clients what they need. All while staying true to their original values.

John Schol | Malloch McClean

John’s various professional roles require planning, oversight and accountability.  Whether it’s as CEO of Malloch McClean, a Councillor for CAANZ, a professional director, a Trustee, or a business coach to many professional advisory firms, John considers accountability to be the cornerstone of strategic and personal successes. John advocates for planning processes that turn intention into action by following a simple repeatable blueprint of Think → Plan → Do using an accountability partner to accelerate and lock in progress.

Trish Glover | Connect Outsourcing

Trish started her first training business in the UK aged 22, employing seven team members. Moving to NZ in 2007, she joined BankLink as a trainer and has since worked with MYOB, Xero and CCH.

Her passion is helping accountants choose the right systems to suit their needs. She now works with forward-thinking providers like Connect Outsourcing who leverage technology, helping accountants build their businesses by freeing up their time to offer more profitable services.

Jen Young | Intentional Generations

Jen is the founder of Intentional Generations. Previously working as a leadership development consultant (after leaving life as an admitted barrister and solicitor), she witnessed first-hand the need for a greater focus on wellbeing, mental health, and inclusivity in workplaces. 

Jen has since dedicated her lifework to helping people and organisations make change in their lives and in the world without burning out. Clients include Google Cloud, ICANN (US), Ministry of Education, Westpac, and The Gap.

Simonne Liley | Uptraining

An ex-accountant, Simonne supports her industry of more than 20+ years with profiling, training, and coaching. A love of people and behavioural processes, Simonne recognised that increasing revenue is not the only part of the wealth equation. 

Extensive studies in Positive Psychology, Behavioural Profiling and a Master NLP Practitioner, Simonne is passionate about identifying, understanding, and removing disempowering patterns that get in the way of our full potential. Fulfilment and success are an inside job.

Jono Bredin | PKF Dunedin

When Jono joined PKF, he brought with him years of specialist tax experience working in larger national and international accounting firms. He became a full business partner at age 28 and has been leading and building a team who can advise clients since then.

Jono is a trusted business advisor who is willing to walk alongside the client on their journey to growing and maintaining a successful business, with an approach that is relaxed and fun, but still doing what needs to be done.

Matt Vincent | DVA

Matt Vincent is the managing partner of DVA, joining in 2014 to modernise what was a legacy firm. DVA is now proudly 100% in the cloud, paper-less, fully outsourced, coaching, advising on apps, growing, profitable, and has a team of 11 high performers. 

Matt is a creative at his core and gets fulfilment on innovating and working with others to do meaningful and purpose-driven work.

Joe Consedine | CAANZ

Joe is the General Manager of Members, New Zealand, at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and is responsible for leading a team that delivers engagement, education, and support services to the 30,000 CAANZ members in New Zealand. Joe has had a variety of leadership roles at CAANZ, including Head of Member Experience, and was part of a Lean Strategy team that set a new strategic direction for CAANZ in 2018. Joe has recently returned to CAANZ from a 12-month sabbatical where he and his family travelled to 37 countries.

Steve Ryan | Kendons Chartered Accountants

A team leader at Kendons, Steve cut his teeth in the banking world where he first developed his passion for business. After wanting to have a more active role in helping businesses thrive, he made the switch to accounting and worked as the Treasurer for the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce. He loves being at Kendons because of their early adoption of Business Advisory which aligns with Steve’s desire to help clients grow their businesses. 

Charles Clark | BOMA Marketing

Before co-founding BOMA, Charles spent 15 years working with technology companies and advertising agencies in NZ, the UK and the US including The Hyperfactory, Essence Media, Gimbal, AlphaImpactRX and GroupM.

BOMA was founded in the belief that accountants and bookkeepers should have access to a best-of-breed marketing and content solution, enabling them to take part in the digital transformation already impacting other industries to ensure they'd survive and thrive.

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