Shannon Smit, Director - SMART Business Solutions

Four years ago, we were focusing on compliance just to get the bread and butter going.

But we don’t find it that exciting, so were looking for something more.

We were kind of advising clients in that business advisory space and trying to be proactive about it, but in reality we were somewhat reactive - a client would have an issue and we would react.  Then we would ask the right questions.

The Complimentary Client Review (CCR) has been amazing.  We’ve done a lot of them and they’ve actually become a standard on our proposals this year.  I love systems and structure because what I’ve found is, you do the Complimentary Client Review and A. find out more about the client, B. you find out more about what’s going on and C. you leave always having another job to do.

I have never done a CCR that I have not got more work out of.  Clients don’t just want their tax return anymore.  The people here have to be business advisors.  The reality is, that’s where the accounting industry is going.

What The Gap gave us was structure and process.

Everyone plans their kitchen renovations, but no one is actually planning their business.

We've realised clients don't just want their tax return anymore, they want more help!

Business Advisory is fast becoming our main service offering.

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