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Wednesday, 28 June 2023 at 10am - 4pm (BST) | etc.venues Monument, London

In challenging economic times, there’s a fine balance between charging your clients what you’re worth and coming across as mercenary. Learn how to position the additional value you can provide, and have your clients see how important it is that they engage with you more. Shift the conversation away from cost and onto return on investment. Avoid write-offs and scope stretch while providing your clients with the support they need.

Masterclass learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding the most significant key performance indicators in your firm

  • Benchmarking your advisory service prices compared to your peers

  • Putting the oxygen mask on your firm first - improve THE most important KPI

  • Managing the ten biggest causes of scope stretch

  • Setting boundaries on discounted/free support

  • Helping clients improve profit and cashflow and mitigate business risk

  • Supporting your clients beyond compliance in difficult times

This event is suitable for all partners and senior accountants.

Thursday, 29 June 2023 at 10am - 4pm (BST) | etc.venues Monument, London

This high value, one-day masterclass is essential for firms that are serious about leveraging their advisory journey across their team and levelling up their financial returns from advisory services.

Masterclass learning outcomes include:

  • Implementing a better client journey 

  • Creating a world-class client onboarding experience  

  • Putting your Annual Accounts Review Meeting on steroids 

  • Showing clients how they can improve their profit and cashflow outcomes 

  • Using the Value Gap Calculator to show what’s possible 

  • Delivering a Cashflow & Profit Improvement or Risk Management Meeting 

  • And… selling these simple services

This event is suitable for all partners and senior accountants. This masterclass will provide outstanding learning to your up-and-coming partners.

Have you heard about our Value Gap Calculator?

The Value Gap Calculator is a sales tool used to show clients and prospective clients what’s possible. It may be used during any sales discussion, whether that’s during a Proactive Accounting Meeting (PAM), Annual Accounts Review Meeting (AAR), Complimentary Client Review (CCR), other client meeting, webinar, or seminar.

There are five sections within the calculator:

  1. Increase sales.

  2. Improve gross margin %.

  3. Increase profit by reducing overheads.

  4. Increase cashflow.

  5. Improve ROI.

Test the Value Gap Calculator on one of your clients in your trial and use it on your own firm too!

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