I’ve been coaching clients for years, but working with The Gap has helped me to focus these meetings and coach the clients in line with their business plans.

A lot of our prospects are now buying these services from us straight away, whereas a year ago, we considered it necessary to begin by providing compliance services only and build up trust before this was possible.

We have helped dozens of clients this year map their futures.

Steve Price, BWP Inspire.

Clayton Wood, Business Edge.

Celeste Peirce, Business Edge.

I always wanted to do business development type work, but quickly ran into some problems:

  1. I could not get enough clients at the level that needed this type of work quickly.
  2. The work I did was very bespoke to each client, and quite inefficient as there was no system behind it. Although there was good fees from it, it needed more process behind it, otherwise I would never scale it.

I took a step back and thought, 'this is not working' and needed to find something that would give me the foundation to deliver the services my clients deserved.

I found The Gap system which was the best thing to land on my desk since I started my practice.  It gives you the blueprint and foundations to deliver a whole cross range of services to clients, but it’s not like regurgitating software, there is enough within the programme for you to put your own stamp on it.  My version of The Gap will be different to how someone else uses it, that’s its real strength. 

The Gap is the best value subscription I have

Glenn Martin, Avery Martin Accountants