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When we saw The Gap at Xerocon and dug into the detail, we saw real substance.  I love systems and structure.  The Complimentary Client Review has been amazing.  I've never done a CCR to date that I haven't got more work from.

Our clients plan their kitchen renovation better than they plan their business.  The people here need to all be business advisors because clients don't just want a tax return anymore.

Shannon Smit, SMART Business Solutions.
Business Advisory Firm of the Year 2017 - Australian Accounting Awards

The Gap's vision is fully in line with our mantra of giving regular, proactive advice to help our clients grow their business & wealth.  We joined The Gap community as compliance can get a bit boring and we wanted to focus on giving real value to our clients.

We're overcoming that 'mindset obstacle' and have made ourselves available to run several CCRs.  It's simple, the more time I put into CCRs and engaging clients, the more BD work I get that otherwise wouldn't.  The proposal templates, procedures and resources have enabled us to confidently market, sell and deliver real value-added services.

The Gap is allowing us to deliver within our Core Values and help our clients achieve while significantly increasing our turnover.

It's good sh*t that really works.

Mike Creed, Morrison Creed Advisory.

I’ve always looked to provide additional support to clients to help them improve their businesses.  Up until I started using The Gap, this support had been very much on an ad-hoc basis without having a well structured format to follow.  While it wasn’t quite a case of reinventing the wheel each time, it didn’t flow as smoothly as I would like.

The Gap with its straight forward, easy to understand, systemised approach allows me to provide business development support to clients in a far more valuable way. 

The Gap is the product I have been looking but had never been able to find.  The focus is on adding value for clients and not just selling more services to drive up fee revenue.

I’d strongly recommend that for any accountants looking to do more for their clients they put down the fancy forecasting tools for a moment and give The Gap a go, they won’t be disappointed.

Mark Telford, Telfords Chartered Accountants
Most Valued Professional, United Kingdom - Xero Awards 2018

Four years ago, I was stuck in compliance work.  Now I make 5 to 6 client calls a day and spend the rest of my day delivering business development work.  We’ve put our accountants in charge of delivering the draft accounts meetings so that we can run the coaching meetings. 

In two years, we’ve gone from zero to 25% of our total revenue coming from BD work. 

Niran Iswar, BetterCo Ltd.

We’ve tuned our team in now to look for the business advisory opportunities - which we call trigger points.  They’re now looking for opportunities in the profit and loss and balance sheet to the extent that everyone in the practice is part of the business advisory team. 

The younger team members are wanting to do extra, more interesting work.

Randall Corless, Marsh Tincknell Chartered Accountants.
Business Advisory Firm of the Year 2018 - Australian Accounting Awards

Looking at all the tools and systems available via The Gap it’s like a child in a toy shop.  Which one do you play with first?

My decision to focus on Business Planning and coaching was definitely the right choice.  After running the 7 Ways to Grow Your Business seminar on two occasions to nine businesses in total, six wanted me to undertake Business Planning and coaching work for them.  An untapped gold mine of additional fees is available from my existing clients.

Paul Miller, Cornish Accounting Solutions.

In September 2019, I attended The Coach Masterclass.  The learning from that day completely transformed my business!! 

I was very nervous to sign up to The Gap, as I wasn't earning much and had no contracted time for any client.  But after going back to the five clients I had at that time, and suggesting Business Planning, a Marketing Plan and ongoing coaching, I was able to move them all onto 12-month contracts.  My monthly cashflow has tripled since that day!!! 

Two months on, I have taken on three more clients, all with Business Plans and regular coaching.  I am so, so grateful for being part of The Gap community.

Shelley Baldwin, go BUSINESS.

You have to get out of the mindset of 'I'm just the bookkeeper'.  It’s all there in The Gap.  I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I’m earning nearly four times my bookkeeping hourly rate from this work.  

My focus is now 100% Business Development.  Not only do I feel I’m helping clients more but I’m getting more value for my time and the bookkeeping will come anyway.

Brenda Ryan, Vibrant Business & Bookkeeping Solutions.

The Gap is the best value subscription I have.  

My version of The Gap will be different to how someone else uses it, that’s its real strength.

Glenn Martin, Avery Martin Accountants.

We've had The Gap content implemented into our sales programme for several months now and it's going off.

This is exactly what our clients have been looking for from us.  This is industry changing stuff.

Mark Greer, Bizdom. 

In 18 months our Business Development revenue has gone from zero to about 32% which is pretty awesome and we’re proud of that.  That’s 32% of our revenue that wouldn’t have otherwise been there.  More importantly, that’s a lot of value that clients obviously needed - and weren’t getting 18 months ago.  Our clients were calling out for more help from us.  Thanks to The GAP we are now delivering it!

Peter Harris, Maisey Harris & Co. 
NZ Accounting Partner of the Year - Xero Awards 2018
People's Choice Award - NZ Xero Awards 2019

The Gap is one of the most important foundations to MMCA fulfilling its core purpose and big goal - 50/50 compliance and Business Development.

John Schol, Malloch McClean Chartered Accountants.
Large Partner of the Year - NZ Xero Awards 2019

At the start I wasn’t sure I could do this.  I’m not an accountant so I wasn’t sure clients would pay me well to help them run a better business.  Since joining The Gap I’ve increased my hourly recovery rate in some cases by more than three times. 

The potential for bookkeepers to help small business is huge.

Haylee Wrenn, Accountabill Ltd.