Work smarter with The Gap and BOMA.

Take the time, the cost and the complexity out of your digital marketing.

The Gap’s practical and proven Business Development content, combined with BOMA’s easy to use digital marketing platform, fast tracks marketing results for accountants.  Provide value, and attract and engage clients through ‘best business practice’ content.

Our bespoke premium content sits within BOMA.

  • Choose from a library of high quality articles
  • Access a huge (and free) image library
  • Effortlessly publish articles across your digital marketing channels 
  • Schedule emails, social posts, and social ads to grow your audience
  • Utilise simple lead capture forms
  • Painlessly deliver your Gap event marketing campaigns
  • And much, much more

    I used to procrastinate on posting content, as I knew that writing the content was only the first step - I then had to format it for each channel and make sure that I found good pictures and supporting content.  It always felt too hard to do, was out of my comfort zone, and as a result our content was always the thing I moved to the bottom of my to do list. 

    The Gap and BOMA means that I can select the content I want to post, tweak it so it is more in our brand voice and then it goes out.  There is no more procrastinating, and I can get a month worth of content done in a very short time.  It’s removed the stress I used to feel around this aspect of marketing my business.

    Don’t recreate the wheel - The Gap content in BOMA covers all your Business Development content needs.  There’s loads of new content every month which you can quickly and effectively post to your blog and social channels.  You can’t cost-effectively create this content (I’ve tried and it cost me a lot of time and money).  I guarantee that the time you save by using The Gap content and BOMA can be better used working with your clients.

    Karen Woller, Thrive Business Accountants.

    Gap members get exclusive access to our premium content library.

    Our premium content is designed to add real value and position Gap services.

    1. Curate and customise highly relevant, timely, and beneficial content for your clients, and position your business as a high-value resource.

    2. Deliver powerful content pathways to drive website traffic and generate leads.

    3. Seamlessly send our Gap seminar marketing emails - they're already set up for you within the BOMA platform.

    *Gap members who subscribe to BOMA have access to The Gap Premium library, as well as The Gap Classic library.  Non Gap members who subscribe to BOMA can access The Gap Classic library only.