Take a load off with Connect.

Free up your time so you can focus on delivering value-add services.

Connect Outsourcing takes care of the bread and butter work of accountants for around 25% of the usual compliance fee, freeing you up for the client-facing side of accounting that you love.

Offshoring your administration and process-driven tasks allows your team to focus on what’s important: helping your clients with advice and services.  Outsourcing your compliance work also gives your company more capacity, enabling you to scale your business without increasing your overheads.

One of the biggest barriers to delivering business development services is the volume of compliance work that we have to get through.  The only way to truly free up our time was to outsource.  We have been working with Connect now for three years and have been increasing our volume through them each year.  They have enabled our team members to step up and learn the skills that a modern accountant needs to help our clients get smarter better businesses  

I would recommend Connect because one of our Core Values is Congruence.  We will use Connect for more than 500 files this year and its working for us.  So why wouldn’t I recommend it to other Gap members. 

I have visited Connect's Indian offices and understand first-hand how they work.  We couldn’t get by without them now.  The more you work with your strategic partners, adapt and learn from each other, the more you will get.

John Schol, Malloch McClean Chartered Accountants.
Large Partner of the Year - NZ Xero Awards 2019

Curious about how to get the best from outsourcing?

Download Connect's guide on how to get the best from your remote team.

Connect's outsourcing model differs from the traditional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model, where you hire and train your own remote staff.  Connect has removed all of the HR hassles involved in this model: they do all the staff training for you and maintain a stable workforce that is available to you on demand.  This flexibility lets you grow your practice without increasing your overheads.

However, outsourcing your compliance work will always involve a bit of a learning curve.  Even though Connect takes care of the staff training, you should still expect a period of adjustment at the beginning of the process while all sides determine how to get the best results for your firm.

Download this guide to discover the nine steps you can take to reduce the friction during this period of adjustment.