Onboarding and Re-engagement

Proactive Onboarding

Everything you need to give your clients an awesome onboarding experience.

Follow our Proactive Accounting Meeting process to deliver a high value session with your potential clients and set the tone for your new relationship and value-add services.  Identify their compliance needs, business and personal goals, the challenges they’re currently facing, and how you can work together to address those challenges.

Use our proposal builder to easily produce beautifully branded proposals that your clients can accept online.  Use our carefully curated Services Matrix to establish your playbook and drive Monthly Recurring Revenue through Service Plans. 

Then, use our specialised onboarding content to provide new clients with an exceptional 'on-board' experience.

Complimentary Client Review

Unlock client potential (and new work opportunities for your firm).

Have better client meetings.  Ask the right questions ('ask don't tell') to extract your client's personal and business goals and identify better ways to work together.  This free 60 minute meeting allows clients to relax and open up without fear of a bill.

Direct the conversation with our comprehensive Delivery Notes and show clients the value improvement that's possible.  Link that value to the services you can provide.  Gain conceptual agreement to work together before you send the proposal.

Reducing Scope Stretch

Stop giving your value away for free!

In 2019, we polled our Gap firms, across New Zealand, Australia and the UK on the subject of Scope Stretch.  82% of those firms responded that Scope Stretch is a significant problem for them.  We ran the survey again in 2021 to update our findings and now only 68% of members say scope stretch is problem in their firm. 

Our Scope Stretch guides and scripts help you address the common causes of Scope Stretch in your firm.  Our 'Quick Query' process teaches your team members how to position value and, therefore, fees.

Our simple Proposal for Additional Services then enables you to send a short-form proposal (in less than five minutes), so that you gain acceptance before you start a new job.

Pick a niche...

You don't have to do it all!

Strategy, Structure & Culture

Business Planning

Every business needs a plan. Even yours.

A Business Plan should be a living document that you refer to and update regularly - adding real value to any real business, no matter its size and stage.  It's simply best practice.

In this four-hour session, you'll facilitate the creation of a dynamic one page Business Plan that addresses the heart and soul of your client's business, and identifies and prioritises their personal and business goals.  Then, together you'll identify revenue targets and KPIs, opportunities and vulnerabilities that need to be managed, and establish a 90 Day Action Plan to address critical issues and deliver the outcomes they want.

Our business advisory services include every email, template, script and form, along with comprehensive Delivery Notes to guide you every step of the way. 

Cashflow Forecasting and Ongoing Cashflow Management Coaching

Treat the cause - not just the symptom - of your client's cashflow problems.

Having an annual Cashflow Forecast is simply best practice in business.  But a Cashflow Forecast alone doesn't change the underlying cause of poor cashflow.

After preparing and reviewing the Cashflow Forecast with your client, you'll use client pre-work to establish the likely contributors to poor cashflow.  As part of a structured accountability coaching programme, together you'll set cashflow improvement goals and identify actions to be implemented.

Our Cashflow Management Tactics Guide, along with pre-work documents for the client to review their business processes, are gold.

Cashflow Forecasting is treated by too many accountants as an on-demand service that comes off the bench when needed, usually by the bank.  In reality, it should be in every business's starting line-up.

Core Values Development

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

We know a great culture improves bottom line.  Help your clients get the best from their teams by facilitating a workshop and guiding the creation and implementation of their Core Values.

Labelled the highest driver of employee engagement, Core Values are the essence of a company's identity; supporting the delivery of a business's vision and shaping the culture of an organisation. 

Follow our comprehensive system to help your clients create a framework for decision making, team member interaction, and the customer experience.  Attendees complete pre-work to boost engagement in the process and expose potential alignment issues.  You'll then guide attendees to create up to five Core Values, along with definitions.  Finally, the group will agree the behaviours that live into those core values.

Organisational Review

To successfully scale, businesses need a clear organisational structure.

Help your clients build a functional Organisational Chart, defining departments, functions, roles and responsibilities - so that they can be more efficient, develop their team, and scale successfully.

Reality test your client's organisational functionality and provide them with a rock solid 10 hats structure; ensuring the right people are responsible for the right areas in the business.  Establish key resourcing gaps and clarify opportunities for your client to create capacity to spend more time on their business - rather than in it.  

This is not just an Organisational Chart, but a way of thinking that starts with the organisation's structure, influencing job descriptions, tasks, Key Performance Indicators, and beyond.  An extremely powerful Business Advisory service providing immense value to clients, and an equally valuable process to undertake within your own business.

Succession Planning

How are your clients preparing for one of the biggest events in their business life?

We know that business owners must plan for their succession if they want to achieve the best possible exit outcomes.  

Follow our system to establish a clear Succession Plan with your client.  Start by delivering our Succession Planning presentation to get your client thinking about different succession scenarios and relevant business value enhancement strategies.  Then, work tactically to devise succession timelines and implementation milestones.

Develop an initial 12 month Succession Plan, identifying what they want to achieve (taking into account business, personal and family expectations), their succession timeline, their ideal successor, opportunities to maximise business value, and the vulnerabilities and critical challenges they must address. 

It's likely your client will need you to act as their ongoing coach, holding them accountable to the Succession Plan, so that their vision becomes reality. 

Effective Governance

A cornerstone to business success and longevity.

Utilise our Effective Governance system to help your clients maximise shareholder value, achieve their strategic goals, and minimise risk through the development and implementation of a Governance Framework Plan.  

Enable business owners to separate their governance role from their operational role.  Help them to establish an effective Board Meeting rhythm that reduces stress, manages risk, and adds business value. 

Governance Coaching is not a 'one size fits all' service.  Some clients will benefit from you stepping in as their governance coach as they hone their skills.  This service creates enduring business value.

Ongoing Reporting, Coaching and Accountability

Quarterly Coaching

The power of an idea is in its implementation.

Our Quarterly Coaching system provides a structured 90 day accountability framework to ensure clients take the action they need to achieve their goals.

The foundations for a great coaching programme are often not understood.  Your coaching service requires clear documentation of the engagement (proposal), ground rules established (mutual accountability), and a clear agenda for each meeting (pre-work, accountability, numbers review, insights and learnings, new actions, and identifying value gained).

Outcomes for clients are clear - increased accountability and support, better profit and cashflow, understanding the key drivers of their business and what impacts them, identifying and solving burning issues, becoming an expert sounding board, keeping their Business Plan alive as a 'living document', and fostering alignment amongst directors are some of the key outcomes for your client.

Monthly Coaching

Some clients need more frequent accountability coaching.

This flexible coaching programme provides a clear framework to support your clients to achieve greater outcomes.  You can tailor the content to meet the needs of each client, helping them identify relevant opportunities, and overcome the unique obstacles they face.

Monthly Coaching casts you to be an expert sounding board to aid decision making.  Most importantly, you'll hold your client accountable to take more action and improve performance faster.

Financial Awareness Coaching

Clients can't grow their numbers until they know their numbers.

This structured coaching service, designed to increase understanding of key financial reports and business metrics, can be provided one-on-one or leveraged to groups of clients.

Clients don't know what they don't know, and more often than not, don't admit this for fear of appearing ignorant.  Take them through the fundamentals of financial awareness: understanding financial reports, cashflow versus profit, what a Key Performance Indicator is, how to monitor income and expenses, how to get better at supplier and debtor management, understanding the difference between wages, shareholder salaries and drawings, just to name a few of the coaching topics.

This is important learning for clients and a great opportunity for you to add life long value.

KPI Improvement Coaching

Coach your clients to make the changes that will drive their business performance.

Help your clients gain clarity on their key business drivers and set goals for improvement.  These may be financial (e.g. gross profit margin) or non-financial (e.g. customer satisfaction ratings).  Coach your clients to understand and measure each KPI and set targets for continuous improvement. 

Once they're confident measuring each KPI, you'll provide monthly coaching to help them implement a tactical plan, focusing on the business processes and behavioural changes required to drive improvement.

The better your client understands their KPIs, the easier it will be to increase their profits and free up cashflow.

Marketing and Lead Generation

The Marketing Plan

Marketing should be constant and consistent.

Help your clients create an activity based Marketing Plan with clear goals and tasks to generate more leads and improve customer retention.

Every business should have a Marketing Plan.  Business owners should also understand their marketing KPIs and measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies to drive continuous improvement.

Facilitate the creation of the Marketing Plan with your clients.  Help them to clarify their purpose, positioning, and unique selling proposition.  Together, you’ll set marketing goals for the year and identify the marketing strategies and actions that will drive the outcomes they need.

Value Based Selling

Stop selling - start helping.

Your clients are probably brilliant at the operational side of their business, but how many of them have had formal sales training?

Sales coaching begins with you delivering a 'Successful Selling' presentation.  You'll then review your client's existing sales systems to identify process improvement opportunities. 

Build your client's knowledge through ongoing coaching as you share powerful sales techniques, customer proposal and onboarding systems, and facilitate the creation of a Sales Action Plan to boost sales.

Do your clients understand the value of their product or service?  Can they articulate that value to customers?  An effective sales process and an understanding of Value Based Selling are essential to business success. 

Gap Seminars

Educate clients AND generate leads.

Deliver powerful education marketing to current and future clients using our broad range of seminar kits.  Each kit contains an event plan, a range of seminar invitations and scripts, event administration systems, a high quality PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes, a feedback process, plus all the post event systems needed to maximise seminar outcomes.

Each seminar teaches best practice in business.  As your seminar messages link directly to the services you offer to clients, you'll never be perceived as selling or product pushing.

Our members are achieving incredible success delivering these seminars.  From small boardroom sessions right through to large scale events, they're generating recurring BD and compliance revenue, and at the same time improving client retention.

Event Management

Design your unique seminars and workshops.

Education marketing is the softest form of selling, an important SITAV activity (Stay In Touch and Add Value), and a brilliant way to generate truly qualified leads.

Every event must have a clear purpose.  Our content contains everything you need to confidently plan, market, and deliver any number of events.

This is a complete system; event invites and sales scripts, along with administration, delivery and post-event processes.  

Education marketing works.  It's the best way to attract, engage and delight existing and future clients.

Compliance Plus

Annual Accounts Review Meeting

Empower your clients AND help your team speak wider than the numbers.

Every business owner should read and understand their Annual Accounts at a base level.  Delivering an effective Annual Account Review (AAR) Meeting will help your clients understand their business performance and tax position, the ongoing value you’re providing to them, and the opportunities to improve their current position.

Our system outlines how to help your team identify improvement opportunities, enabling them to speak wider than the numbers and articulate the value of working closer with your clients. 

Ideally, the AAR Meeting should be delivered by a client manager or senior accountant, enabling directors to create capacity to deliver the Complimentary Client Review as well as ongoing Business Advisory services.

Management Reporting ​

Monetise your reports with a valuable wrap-around Momentum Call.

Clients don't read what they don't understand.  There is arguably very little value in a set of Management Reports unless you bring them to life with actionable areas for improvement.

Help your clients join the dots by delivering a 15 minute 'Momentum Call' after sending the reports.  Point out what's obvious in their numbers and show them the value in working together to improve profit and cashflow outcomes.  The Momentum Call is the perfect segway to structured coaching.

One to Many

One to Many Business Development Delivery

It can get lonely in business.

Gap workshops enable you to bring groups of non-competing business clients together, forming strong bonds and a supportive network to share expertise and experience.

Our one to many workshop kits are best suited to Gap members who have mastered the delivery of one to one Business Advisory services and need to leverage their time via a one to many model.

Workshops include: Planning for Success, the 10 Hats Workshop Tri-series, and the Accountability Coaching Group programme.

Work smarter, not harder.

Generic Templates

Create your own resources!

Use our generic templates to market, sell and deliver bespoke services to your clients.

Following our practical and proven system, you can create proposals, pre-work, meeting minutes, plans, and service evaluations for your clients via our portal.  Put real structure into the bespoke services you currently deliver.