Tory Wagg, CEO - Panthera Accounting

I was feeling overwhelmed by the ad hoc nature of advising clients, and how I was becoming a bottle neck for these services in my firm. I wanted a systemised, replicable process for delivering Business Advisory that my team would be able to use, and The Gap offered this and more - it was like opening a treasure chest of services for Panthera.

It means we can offer and monetise Advisory - we kept leaving money on the table when advising clients as we didn’t know when to start charging. It’s allowed us to better articulate the value that we bring, and it’s also meant we’re more aware of the value that we offer clients when we help them to grow their businesses. It means our business is able to help more clients in a deeper way than “just doing the numbers” and in the end this makes our business more valuable too.

Everything has been thought of already, by which I mean that the process for every service is really thorough, to the point that someone with hardly any Business Advisory experience could pick up The Gap and deliver really valuable and insightful services. It saves me masses of time and it fast tracks my staff - and gives them the confidence to deliver impactful advice to their client base. I also love how innovative it is - new services, webinars and mindsets are appearing all the time and it’s so responsive to changes in the world (this was especially evident during the pandemic and that gave us lasting goodwill with our clients, because it made us able to be really proactive).

I also love the sense of community - Gappies are supportive, kind and genuine people and that’s been really evident through the tough times of the pandemic.

From meeting up in London for Masterclasses, to bumping into Gap staff and members at Xerocon, it really feels like an extended family of accountants who think like we do.

Debs, our Member Support person, is so much more than a Client Account Manager, she’s a true friend to Panthera and knows so much about what’s going on for us as people. Everyone at The Gap really cares and it shows in all that they do for us. It’s the best support of any of our service/software providers and it’s because they walk their talk. 

We wouldn’t be where we are at Panthera without the support and service that everyone at The Gap offers us and we love being part of The Gap family.

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