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All the content, training, and support you need to market, sell, and deliver Business Advisory services, in one bespoke portal.

We provide accountants with fully systemised processes and education to market, sell and deliver Business Advisory services to their clients.

“In 18 months our Business Advisory revenue has gone from zero to about 32% which is pretty awesome and we’re proud of that.  That’s 32% of our revenue that wouldn’t have otherwise been there.  More importantly, that’s a lot of value that clients obviously needed - and weren’t getting 18 months ago.  Our clients were calling out for more help from us.  Thanks to The Gap we are now delivering it!”

Peter Harris, Maisey Harris & Co

business advisory accounting

business advisory accounting

Here for the

Our Brand Promise.

The Gap is used by 100s
of accounting firms.
This is not hype and hope.

Build Monthly Recurring
Revenue through the delivery
of 'best business practice'
services to clients.

Communication, speaking wider
than the numbers, selling, and
showing empathy. These aren't
skills we were raised with.

What's in it for me?

From the Captain of the Ship, to the glue holding it together (#GoTheAdministrators), there’s something for everyone in The Gap.  

A little less conversation, a little more action.

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