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By accountants, for accountants

In 2014 Chartered Accountants Viv Brownrigg and Mark Jenkins established The Gap.

With 35 years+ of public practice graft between them, they both have proven track records in practice excellence, business coaching and industry leadership.
Viv Brownrigg and Mark Jenkins
All of The Gap BD services are based on experience, not theory. This is what makes The Gap different to other BD providers. We provide a proven Business Development system.

The entire Gap team understand the three main barriers to implementing Business Development services - no time, no system and no confidence. Our systemised content combined with implementation training go a long way to resolving these three barriers.

The rest (feel the fear and do it anyway) is up to you.

What makes us different?

    1. Our BD bridges are end to end systemised. Each product flowchart makes it clear who does what and when, so that you know what comes next in the marketing, selling and delivery phases.

    2. The delivery phase is very detailed. Understanding precisely how to deliver each BD service is fundamental.

    3. Our content is based on experience, not theory. All of the bridges have been used extensively with SME clients. They work.

    4. Our value to you does not end at content delivery. That's just the beginning. Our training sprints, mindset videos and other tools extend your skills in areas such as selling, pricing and client coaching, just to name a few.

    5. This product was created by accountants for accountants. We've sat in your seat.

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